Eden Prairie Chiropractor Explains How Harmful Sugar Is To Your Body

Eden Prairie Chiropractor Explains How
Harmful Sugar Is To Your Body

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How can something as sweet as sugar have such harmful effects on our bodies? And the bigger question is, how much sugar in Eden Prairie can we consume before it is considered to be overconsumption?

Dr. Mercola, who’s an alternative medicine proponent, osteopathic physician, and web entrepreneur, had some answers to share with us. Not only has he found more mounting evidence that sugar is the primary factor causing obesity, but it is also linked to chronic and lethal diseases. According to another Doctor, Robert Lustig, “sugar is toxic to your body, acting as a poison all on its own.”

Now I am sure we are all aware that too much of anything is never a great idea, unless it is positive thinking and eating a strict diet. But sugar is something we find stuffed in piñatas at children’s parties, spun into cotton at events, and it even has its own day dedicated to hoarding it in excess at the end of October.  We wouldn’t spoon feed poison to our children, so why shouldn’t we look into sugar’s direct link to disease and illness?

Sugar Spiked Foods in Eden Prairie

Ending the consumption of unlimited sugar found in almost all products on the grocery store shelves will take effort, and more importantly awareness. Reducing the alarming amount of sugar that is consumed by each individual in the US could have a profound impact on disease rates that contribute to a trillion dollars each year in the healthcare system.

Dr. Mercola suggests that when we are talking about “sugar,” this includes ALL sugars. When you are counting up how much added sugar is in a sweetened beverage, don’t stop there. They can be slickly woven into dressings, low fat items and processed foods. Sugar can be disguised by other names like high fructose corn syrup, agave, diastase, & dextrose. Top Eden Prairie chiropractor at ChiroFit Health & Wellness advises to start checking your labels & try to pack in as many high protein items and veggies that you can. Ditch the sweetened sports and energy drinks and you will begin to see that water is truly refreshing as is! If you crave a little fizz, try sparkling waters like La Croix or San Pellegrino.

We now know that fructose elevates uric acid, which can cause a rise in blood pressure and can potentially be damaging to your kidneys. High uric acid may also lead to chronic inflammation, and inflamed blood vessels that can lead to strokes or heart attacks. Sugar isn’t so sweet after all!

In reality, there is no way to avoid sugar completely, but becoming aware of the health risks you take on by blindly guzzling it down can be a great first step. Start reading your labels and don’t be afraid to munch on earth grown goodness! Keep in mind that sugar can be naturally found in fruits but it is a much better source than the processed alternatives.

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