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Toxins are built up in or bodies from what we eat, drink, and the environment. Did you know that it takes 26 seconds from contact for toxins to make it into your bloodstream? Various times throughout the year it’s important to detoxify your body of these with the outcome of more energy, weight loss, less anxiety/depression symptoms, and more.

While many “detox” protocols are hard to follow, this program features an outline for every day including a meal plan, recommended food list, outline of daily supplements and of course support from us! For the best Detox Support in Eden Prairie, contact the team at ChiroFit Health & Wellness. Our team is more than happy to help you understand and enjoy the benefits of massage therapy.

Detox Support in Eden Prairie MN

A detox is a blend of clinical-grade food supplement containing a many essential micronutrients, cofactors, fatty acids, amino acids, and dietary fiber for advanced support of all detoxification pathways in your body. This detox is for anyone and is gluten-free, non-GMO, and naturally sweetened!

Why do people do a detox/advantages?

  • Boosted Energy Levels:
    By eliminating waste from your body, you will see transition and will notice that once those toxins are removed and you don’t rely on caffeine for the entire detox, your body is resetting and finding natural ways to energize instead of fighting to stay alive.
  • Support Digestion and Weight Management:
    Doing a detox isn’t a great way to reach and maintain your goal weight, but it is a great idea to jump start your weight loss or get through a plateau with a detox. The amazing detox offered at our office is integrated with healthy eating and habits you can continue to sustain after your detox is over.
  • Promote Healthy Skin:
    Not only healthy but clear skin! Toxins that are in your pores are released during a detox, just like in your body aiding in a clearer, healthier complexion!
  • Strengthen your Immune System:
    By detoxing your body, your organs won’t be fighting so hard to fight off toxins- it will better perform at protecting your body from illness.
  • Jump start a Healthy Lifestyle:
    One of the biggest benefits is not only the detox, but after the detox! Your body is reset and you are 100% in control of what you put in your body and on your body. Our skilled team here at ChiroFit Health and Wellness in Eden Prairie can help you sustain your results into your everyday routine.

Detox Options

Reset Dynamic Greens Blend
When you’re in need of a reset on your “typically” healthy eating habits, this is for you! This 10-day blend of super nutrients will help to get back on track! This option comes with one fruits and greens blend, fiber, guided nutrition and support as needed. This is a more sustainable option for continuing to use dynamic greens in your diet ongoing. However, it is sometimes difficult with a typical modern diet that includes processed foods and high amounts of sugar and synthetic ingredients to eat enough foods filled with nutrients and foods high in fiber. That is the reason adding these supplements are going to be a healthy addition to your diet.

Full Detox Blend (Chocolate or Vanilla)
Designed to support your body’s natural metabolic detoxification processes while providing ample fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities, thereby promoting overall well-being. This cleanse is the perfect way to reset and start feeling great! While many “detox” protocols are convoluted and hard to follow, this program features a step-by-step game plan for every day, including an exclusive menu of exactly what to eat, what to drink, and how to properly use Dynamic Detox and Detox Support capsules for optimal efficacy and results.

What happens when the detox is over?

Once you complete the detox, your body will be more sensitive to saturated fats, gluten, heavy carbs, and dairy. It’s important when finished with the detox that you properly reintroduce foods into your body. With our help, we can ensure you do this properly. It’s also important and a great bonus to continue eating similar to what our ChiroFit Detox Menu outlines. There are many delicious recipes we introduce you to as well as sustainable eating habits!

Detox And Chiropractic Care

Wondering why a chiropractic office is offering a detox? Our mission is to improve your overall well-being and promote natural healing of your body without additives (including drugs).

The Detox and Chiropractic Care work well together because chiropractic adjustments alone are considered a detox. When your body is misaligned, a Chiropractor’s adjustments can help rid some toxins built up in your body. Just like chiropractic care can help rid toxins in your body, a massage has a similar, more elevated affect to releasing toxins!

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