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Chiropractor Eden Prairie MN John Borsheim


John Borsheim D.C.

Dr. John Borsheim's vision is to provide family wellness care that people can trust. He is passionate about preserving the functional movement of the human body as well as teaching people how to restore motion that may have been lost throughout the years due to injuries, stress, and everyday life. Dr. John has extensive training in diagnosing various musculoskeletal injuries as well as the movement patterns necessary to restore these deficiencies.

He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of North Dakota as well as an athletic training degree. He spent over 1,000 hours in learning how to prevent, diagnosing, and treating injuries in athletes. John then went on to receive his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University.

While attending UND, Dr. John worked as a personal trainer which sparked his passion for the form and function of the human body. It was apparent early on that his personal training was limited with some clients due to deficiencies of functional movement. In an effort to discover a form of exercise that aided in improving these essential movements he was introduced to CrossFit while attending chiropractic school. He was instantly hooked. He is now part-owner of Crossfit Prior Lake and teaches a mobility class aimed at improving the efficiency and form of these movements.

John is family oriented and loves spending time with his beautiful wife, Meghan, and their two children.

God has put a passion on Dr. John's heart to help people, and it radiates through every cell of his body. Dr. John utilizes diversified chiropractic adjusting technique as well as the principles of kinesiology. He is certified in myofascial release, Rock Tape (kinesiology tape), and in Graston Technique.

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Chiropractic Eden Prairie MN Sherry

Clinic Director


Meet our Clinic Director Sherry! Sherry has been working in our office since May 2019 joining us with ten years of background and experience in the health and wellness field. She brings a lot to our office, and is a go to person for scheduling your services with us. Come in and speak with Sherry about her experience with nutrition, exercise, and her own personal chiropractic story.

Chiropractic Eden Prairie MN Candy Massage Therapist

massage therapist


Meet our Eden Prairie Massage Therapist, Candy! Candy joins our team with 20 years of experience in Massage Therapy. Whether you are looking to help with tightness and soreness, accompanying your chiropractic visits, or a way to rejuvenate your body Candy is the perfect person to make an appointment with!

Chiropractic Eden Prairie MN Jen Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist


Meet our Eden Prairie Massage Therapist, Jen! Her core approach to massage is based on Ayurveda principles and meeting the body where it is in the present to support it with healing. Jen's focus ranges from therapeutic massage to assist with emotional healing to deep tissue massage for physical healing including techniques such as Deep Tissue, Swedish, Prenatal, Myoskeletal Alignment and more. 

In her years of experience she has taken several classes to develop her own massage toolbox. I spend my free time with my family doing activities such as hiking, running, weight lifting and volleyball.

Chiropractic Eden Prairie MN Alex PNF Coach

PNF Trainer


Alex has grown up in a family where he understood the importance of self care and a healthy body! Better understanding his family genetics and how they put him at risk, he has dedicated himself to improving not only his own life but also the lives of those around him. His passion dives deep through teaching a healthy lifestyle to his clients through his stretching and personal training background. Alex is excited to join the ChiroFit team and work with our team and YOU to get your optimal health aligned through PNF Training.

Chiropractic Eden Prairie MN Laurel Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist


Laurel joins our team with 10 years of experience in Massage Therapy. With her experience as a professional volleyball player, she understands the body and the importance of taking care of ailments and injuries that sports and workouts can take on the body. She also has studied nutrition and Holistic Health Coaching and understanding the mind and body connection approach to healing.

Currently she is continuing to pursue her passions by attending school for the Physical Therapy Assistant program. Laurel's expertise is exactly what we love to see in our PNF Trainers here at ChiroFit. She is looking forward to meeting you soon!

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