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Welcome to ChiroFit Health and Wellness located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. My goal as a chiropractor in Eden Prairie is to help you achieve overall natural wellness using our amazing services including Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, PNF Stretching, and Nutrition. Our approach ensures an overall healthy lifestyle approach to wellness.

ChiroFit Health & Wellness

We specialize in a range of care, from athletes to active older adults, infants to patients over the age of 85. ChiroFit Health and Wellness offers something for everyone. In our office we not only care for the bone and nerve structure of your body to relieve pain, we also provide other one on one services including PNF Stretching, Massage Therapy, and Nutrition.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

The benefits that chiropractors provide can be seen in a variety of health conditions. Even relatively healthy people can see improvements. Most of us put our bodies though a lot. Regular adjustments can help to restore balance within the body.

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Why I Became A Chiropractor

Dr. John's passion for helping individuals perform their best whether in daily living activities or in their athletic training stems from his own personal experience. Eden Prairie has a vibrant culture of fitness and excellent facilities around have created a fantastic platform for ChiroFit Health and Wellness. With facilities such as Eden Prairie CrossFit, ProFitness, and training centers for Jujitsu at The Academy, we have been able to spread the word on how Chiropractic care enhances the ability to reach the goals they set out to achieve. We also are easy access for those who come from other areas of the twin cities including Plymouth, Bloomington, Burnsville, and Prior Lake!

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Symptoms We Help

Our patients come in a with a range of injuries including sciatic pain, bulging discs, misalignment or subluxations causing headaches, numbing or tingling in the body, back and/or neck pain. The benefits of chiropractors in Eden Prarie can be seen in a variety of health conditions. Even relatively healthy people can see improvements. Regular adjustments can help to restore balance within the body. In conjunction with adjustments, we see an increase in results from patients who use PNF Stretching, Massage Therapy, or our nutrition services to help aid in their care.

Please contact our office to set up your FREE initial consultation and evaluation with us. During this time, we will take the time to listen to what your experience and explain with great detail what is happening in your body. We look forward to seeing you soon!


"This is an awesome place with a great staff that is super helpful and knowledgeable! They take time to go over what they are doing and any questions you may have as well as exercises and stretches you should do on your own to improve your body. Definitely 10/10 chiropractic clinic.

Cortney K.

"Very accommodating and really explains what's going on with my aches and pains. would recommend to friends and family."

Amanda E.

"Dr. John is GREAT! Not only is he extremely personable, but he's also very knowledgeable. He takes the time to answer any questions, and usually has a demonstration or two to go along with it I never feel like he's rushing me out the door. I would highly recommend this caring doctor!"

Katie M.