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If you have an athletic lifestyle, you know that stretching is the most important part of both a pre and post exercise routine. Often times, we do not spend enough time partaking in stretching after a workout, hike, or even a long day of sitting in the office. This leaves us with stiff muscles, low performance, and more likely to have an injury. In the hands of our amazing, experienced, and passionate PNF trainer you will see increased range of motion, a better hold on your stretch, and repeat movement sequences that you cannot achieve on your own.

When your body is not properly stretched and taken care of, being stretched by an experienced trainer allows your body to go beyond the typical stretching routine using different routines to get the ultimate stretch.  A PNF stretching session at ChiroFit Health & Wellness can help you prevent injuries and ease aches and pains. The result is the all-natural painkiller, endorphins, being released by your brain to bring you back to life. For the best PNF stretching in Eden Prairie, contact the team at ChiroFit Health & Wellness. Our team is more than happy to help you understand and enjoy the benefits of PNF Stretching.


PNF stands for “Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation”. This type of stretching therapy relies on reflexes to produce deeper stretches which allow you to stretch deeper into your range of motion to increase flexibility. By contracting a fully stretched muscle against resistance you will inhibit the stretch reflex and allows a muscle to stretch farther than it normally would.

Massage therapy has also been known to assist in treating muscle spasms and muscle trauma. The reason this is the case is that a massage reduces the amount of time it takes to recover by improving the flow of the circulatory system. This, in turn, allows the body to recover faster naturally.

A massage at a chiropractic clinic can help with innumerable symptoms such as back pain, healing from medical procedures, headaches and migraines, insomnia, and much more.


PNF training has a multitude of benefits for everyone including improved posture, reduced muscular and joint pain, increased sport performance, and with one of the most popular benefits which is to increase range of motion and flexibility. This will allow you to move freely and more comfortable in your daily activities. The benefits for all individuals is to help benefit daily living activities and range of motion. Not only that, but it can bring relief to your hamstrings, shoulder, and neck pain. It can also help with other conditions not limited to Osgood-Schlatter disease, Achilles tendonitis, and forms of chronic pain.


Chiropractic and PNF Stretching go hand in hand. Dr. John always recommends stretching in-between chiropractic appointments in order to relieve muscle tightness which could be the root cause of your pain. In conjunction with chiropractic care, PNF stretching can relieve pain faster and help prevent a reoccurring issue.

It is not necessary to choose between PNF training and chiropractic since both are excellent treatments that complement each other well. There are many individuals living healthier lifestyles that serve as proof of the healing properties of these treatments.

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